About AUC


It is an association of diocesan ordained ministers (bishops, presbyters and deacons) engaged in helping one another in acquiring the personal sanctification for an efficient exercise of their ministry (Cf. Statutes AUC, 1).  

We help one another to live in fraternal communion our diocesan spirituality proper to the diocesan clergy.  With our services we help the ordained ministers, especially in our diocesan presbytery.  It is an association meant to help and to be helped. 

Born in 1862, this association is both public and international, was approved by the Holy See on 17 April, 1921. It is being organized as per the associative form promoted by the universal Church (Cf. PO, 8 and CIC can. 278) and has its new Statutes approved by the Congregation for the Clergy in 1998.

Its name: 

Union: It associates bishops, presbyters and deacons and promotes mutual assistance among them.

Apostolic: It helps the ordained ministers to lead a life like that of the Apostles, rooted in Christ and consecrated for the mission (Preamble, Statutes AUC).

Of The Clergy: It gathers together bishops, presbyters and deacons of various Countries from all the five continents. It is at the service of the ordained ministers of the diocesan clergy. It reunites the bishops, presbyters and deacons of various countries of the five continents. AUC is for the diocesan ordained ministers: diocesan presbyters, associations of diocesan clergy and similar groups of presbyters. It is at the service of the ordained ministers of the diocesan clergy. We help the diocesan clergy to grow in quality and in number.

AUC works in full communion and in tune with the Bishops and with the Episcopal Conferences.  Diocesan Unions of AUC are born, grow and offer a service in full obedience to the diocesan Bishop and to the guidelines of AUC.  The AUC National Direction and AUC International Direction are organisms for such an animation.


A Global Community

Becoming a member of AUC means coming together with bishops, presbyters and deacons from around the world.  

Countries with AUC members.