AUC International Council Meeting, Rome

The International Council of the Apostolic Union of Clergy (AUC) held its Annual Meeting in Rome from March 2-6, 2015. The International Council consists of International Councilors from each continent besides the International President, International Treasurer and International Secretary. In the meeting of 2015 the Substitutes for the International Councilors were also invited.

The meeting was fruitful and enriching. During the days that the International Council was together, we had daily Eucharist in the various Chapels in St. Peter’s Basilica, Lauds, Vespers and Noon Prayer in common, extensive discussions on the various aspects of the AUC and fraternal meals in common. One of the points stressed repeatedly stressed by all was the need for constant and regular animation in the various dioceses of a country and the efforts needed to establish the AUC in dioceses where it does not exist or is not functioning well. A special feature this year’s meeting was a joint Mass and session with the International Union of the Laity (AUL).

The AUC meets as an International Assembly once in 5 years to which all the National Presidents or Referents (so called where the AUC is being established) are invited. The term of the Office Bearers is five years. The present International Direction was elected by the International Assembly in October 2012.