27 March 2014

Visit to the Tomb of Don. Théodore Terres

Don. Théodore Terres a presbyter of the diocese of Luxembourg was born in Rodange on July 27, 1930. He was Secretary and, then, International Treasurer of AUC from 1997 to 2006. He was called to his eternal reward on December 24, 2010. 

The International President Don Giuseppe Magrin together with Don Jeannot Gillen, the International Councillor for Europe and Don Antony Thuruthiyil, the Treasurer visited the tomb of Don Terres at Luxembourg on 16 March and paid our homage in grateful recognition of the generous and enthusiastic service rendered by him. Don Magrin remembers him as a “noble” with a very sensitive heart, of a great generosity especially towards AUC, a “noble” in his capacity to accept with great strength of soul the sufferings of a very poor health. An example of discretion, correctness and exactness that should certainly be imitated.

Let us remember him in our prayers for that “very much” that he was, and that he did for the International AUC, in his journeys for years between Luxembourg and Rome as “Treasurer”.