Week of October 7, 2013

Dear Unionists,

We're not dead….. on the contrary!!!!! From June to October, both the President and the Treasurer continued international contacts by travelling in abroad and taking classes in the Homeland…… Msgr. Juan de Dios (Secretary pro tempore) has, however, return to his Diocese, to Callao, Peru, and has assumed the responsibility of a parish. We are very close to him knowing how much his heart continues to beat in the Roman rhythms……

Now, we search for a Unionist Priest..... Multilingual, retired and economically self-sufficient who likes to share work in the international Secretariat of AUC, Rome ... Our Lady of the Rosary will "find" one, possibly a German or French or Spanish or Portuguese, with an inherent knowledge of Italian.

The International Secretariat has resumed the organizational activities in full swing from 1st of October. We are updating the AUC Website and designing the site of AUL. We would like to have a "link" with all the national sites of AUC & AUL (and, if there are, even diocesan). Anything that serve to rejuvenate the Association.

We are the "passionates" for excellence in qualitative and numerical growth of the Deacons (permanent), the Presbyters and of the diocesan Bishops, arising from the "spiritual journey" (or spirituality) that the Holy Spirit asks each community to do together with the respective diocesan pastors, to be of Christ and to evangelize those who live within its territory.

This is our warm wish at the beginning of this missionary month. And we promise to contact you (and to be contacted) often.

Thank you.