Week of April 22, 2013

Pope Francis is showing the signs to reawaken a pastoral mentality among all the bishops, presbyters and deacons, especially among those of the diocesan clergy. The Apostolic Union of the Clergy and the resurgent Apostolic Union of Laity rejoice deeply. It takes courage to tell us frankly that "to be pastors" means to act in the person of Jesus the Shepherd, and to imitate His style, to bring into maturity the people who are truly priestly, truly of God, in all aspects of his existence, in his day today life: to guide them to collaborate unanimously, in which ever group one may belong to, in all the services of proclaiming and witnessing which the New Evangelization demands. Pastors who are ready to serve rather than be served or revered, ready to reflect the light of the 'way of being family "of the Trinity in the whole Church.

To the ordinandi presbyters of Rome, Pope Francis exhorted to "be pastors and not be mere officials"... He himself finds this urgency even in the Organization of Vatican offices. A number of employees with diplomatic or bureaucratic tendencies or purely cultural (even in traditionalist background) can arrive at even to suggest to the Pope to feel a little more, "Supreme Pontiff" with the annexes requisite, instead of "the Bishop of Rome and Successor of Peter "that permeates his" Charitas pastoralis "with the grace which the sacraments give.