Easter Greetings - Week of April 14, 2014

Greetings! Greetings! Greetings!

The word Passover means to ‘pass by’, ‘pass over’, ‘save’, and even to ‘limp’ (Ex 12,13.23.27) .

Passover was the most important festival of the Jews. In it, they celebrated their liberation from Egypt. The Jewish people passed from slavery to freedom to serve God through a final miracle, a punitive one for the Egyptians, marked by the "passage" of an angel.

At the time of Jesus, to celebrate the Passover, the Israelites returned to Jerusalem every year. Jesus also went there. His death occurred on the occasion of the Jewish Passover. It marked a passage from death to resurrection for all mankind, indeed the most exceptional transition, for, He is the RESURRECTION AND LIFE; for us he is the paschal lamb who takes away the sin of the world, the new bread and new wine, changed into his body and blood, with the irreplaceable action of the Ordained Minister. (cf. 1Cor 5:7-8 ).

For us ministers, namely, bishops, presbyters and deacons, for us Members of the AUC and of AUL, "passionate and engrossed” about the qualitative and numerical growth of the Diocesan Clergy and their spirituality, there is need for a shift in mindset to do this, strongly, enthusiastically, with excitement and urgently!

We commit ourselves to ‘regain’ all of those 500,000 diocesan presbyters and 1,200,000 diocesan deacons that we ‘lack’...in quality and number: nothing but ‘quality’ which means, first of all, holiness and nothing more than ‘numbers’, which simply means a presbyter or a deacon for every 3,000 or at most 4,000 Christians! Vocations to the priesthood and to the diaconate are there, also in the most ‘devastated’ and ‘ravaged’ parishes, it is enough to find them! And you are that passionate Unionist, who finds new avenues to discover, to mature and to accompany them!


Affectionately in Christ through Mary,

Don Giuseppe Magrin, President
Don Antony Thuruthiyil, Treasurer
Don Umberto Chizzoni, Deacon (Permanent)