Christmas Message 2014

Dear Unionists,

As is tradition, once again we are at Christmas. It is an occasion to celebrate the coming of Emmanuel, the Lord among us, God with us .....

Christmas is the feast of Surprises

It is said that Christmas is the feast of surprises; it would be the feast where a poor donkey brings on himself the hopes of all mankind, the feast where the ox and the sheep would host in their stable, the Lord of the world, the feast where the shepherds find their King in a lowly stable and not in the royal palace, the feast where people listen to the song of the angels and the wise men will be led by a star. In fact the Holy Christmas is full of surprises…,

Christmas seems to bring with it a lot of Confusion

Once a writer said that to understand Christmas, one must stand with the head down. In the cave of Bethlehem there seems to happen contradictory thing. The Virgin was the mother, and the Mother was a virgin. The Child was the Creator of the world, but the Creator was a Child. The sky was no longer there, but down here in the heart in the world. The angels looked toward the earth, and the Lord looked skyward. 

This writer wanted to tell us that Christmas has brought with it a lot of confusion and contradictions when taking into account the schemes in the assessment of human values.

Jesus with His coming divided history, bringing hope and joy of a new world; a world of peace, justice and equality. The feast of Christmas brings us back to the meaning of the word Emmanuel, "God with us" as a historical fact and not simply theological which arouses strong feelings in us. We are called to celebrate a historical fact that the Lord is with us.

Christmas is a personal invitation to be Positive

We must see our reality, our lives and the world with new eyes. It is an invitation to be positive and concrete and to consider what we have been granted. In our lives, even if full of difficulties, there are not only shadows, but also lights, not only the bad things but also many beautiful things. It is true that the grass always seems greener on the other side of the shore.  The reality is that we have to build our life of ordained ministers in the environment and through the environment in which we find ourselves. The UAC offers us this opportunity to live our lives as Bishops, Presbyters and Deacons with enthusiasm…Let us commit ourselves and help others to experience the beauty of the Consecration. Let us enter into the year 2015 with the desire to always say: "for all that you have been: Thanks, and all that will be: Yes. This is called positive, because when Emmanuel- God is with us, who can be against us? To all: Merry Christmas.