Why become a member of the AUC?

  1. To live passionately and deepen the Diocesan Spirituality which is not yet comprehended well by many.
  2. To encourage the growth in quality and numbers of the deacons (permanent) and presbyters of my diocese.
  3. To foster genuine brotherhood among all ordained Ministers of my diocese.
  4. To encourage the missionary spirit in my diocese.
  5. For a more adequate and permanent ongoing formation of all the clergy of the diocese.
  6. To be more open to the various needs of brothers in ministry.
  7. For sharing the positive pastoral experiences so that ordained ministers can feel the support and encouragement of their brethren.
  8. To help to bring about more harmony and collaboration among the various Ritual Churches of the same territory.
  9. To be an example to the Ordained Ministers of other denominations by inviting them to participate in monthly cenacles of AUC.
  10. To help the lay faithful realize their full potential as a priestly, prophetic and royal people of God, as an “another Christ”, as the protagonists of a new missionary expansion.
  11. To understand and seek means to reduce the new solitude and loneliness of the diocesan ordained ministers, by operating effectively the globalization and other means of social communication.
  12. To evangelize the richer families in one’s diocesan communities, inviting them to donate aid to the seminary and to their pastors, if they are in financial difficulties.
  13. To help one another to be mature in leading a sacrificial life and ministry.